Dental Implants
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Computer Guided 3D Dentistry

Computer guided implant surgery represents a significant step forward in the replacement of teeth with dental implants. Using (CT) Scan techniques and 3-D imaging, dentists can now visualize the placement of dental implants in three dimensions. This eliminates the guesswork involved determining what parts of the jawbone offer the best sites for dental implant placement.

Benefits of Guided Surgery

Precision ... Accuracy ... Success

This revolutionary system offers a more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants and provides the patient with permanent teeth in about an hour. This technology enables your doctor to get an advanced, detailed look at the interior sections of the jaw bone, surrounding tissue and the nerves. These CT scan machines are the same as those used to aid surgeons in joint replacement procedures.

"I am a nervous patient especially with injections and this has always been treated with respect and great care taken - Andy "
Andy and Pauline Hewitt